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Born in 1966 in Spain, Dr. Alberto González Rodríguez graduated from the University of Salamanca with a degree in Classical Philology, then obtained a PhD in Philosophy and Arts (History) from the University of Cantabria and received from Donostia-San Sebastián Higher School of Music his harpsichord diploma.

He has been working as a Latin and Ancient Greek teacher for many years and his topic as an author is Onomastic Science, specially the toponymy in Cantabria (Spain). With a wide experience in the study and diffusion of the Toponomastic Patrimony, he has published the well-known Toponomasticon of Cantabria (Diccionario Etimológico de la Toponimia Mayor de Cantabria) and other books and works about the Toponymy of Cantabria and Santander.

Alberto González - Toponimia Cantabria